17 September 2009


We currently live in what is commonly referred to as the Information Age. Constantly we're bombarded by information...from radio, print media, tv, the internet...you name it. We've got information up to our ears.
Daily we're asked information about ourselves and disclose intimate details on questionnaires and such. However my current question is...is there such as thing as Too Much Information (aka TMI)? Is there a line between just the right amount and too much?
I went to the bank last month to open an account and was asked to fill a form. Some of the information was routine, where do you live, where do you work etc, but some of the questions were to put it mildly bloody invasive. How does my martial status (or lack thereof) or religious affiliation determine my ability to run a savings account? Savings! Not even a current account which has a facility for overdraft. Even for a current account, legally, my (imaginary) spouse isn't liable for any debts I as wifey incur (sadly if he runs up a big old debt and skips town I get stuck with all the responsibility). Enough of me and my banking wahala, but seriously when do requests for information become invasion of privacy?
In relationships the oft stated mantra is full disclosure, but when is full disclosure too much? Is it proper to list off the number of men you've slept with since you lost your virginity? How many is too many? 5? 10? 30? Do you need to mention booty calls and one nighters in the list? Should you give him clues to the real number of abortions you've done if the need for that discussion arises? If you run across an old fling and find out he knows your significant other, should you spill the beans or shut the hell up and hope they're not too close?
Is telling him you once dated his Dad (before you all got serious) a good idea? Especially when Daddy's not spilling. Or how about telling him you had sex with his best friend? To do or not to do?
I know honesty is essential to any relationship and I also know the Good Book says "the truth shall set you free"; "My people perish for lack of knowledge" "nothing is hidden under the sun" and all other such goodness, but shouldn't some things stay buried, and isn't ignorance supposed to be bliss? Are there things best left unsaid?
Please feel free to contradict me or add your two cents.

DISCLAIMER: All thoughts and opinions expressed here are all mine (crazy as they might seem). All works here are my original work (unless otherwise stated)

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KofoSwagnificnt said...

Abbi o!!! people dinna know there's smetin called TMI dese days...nice one babes!

Funmi said...

Wow ! Excellente. TMI or TMII( Too much irrelevant information). Tell those form makers please. Very soon, I'ld be asked the number of times I've had malaria or worse still, my sneezing proficiency. lmao

Jojo said...

lol. some ppl r just amebos *self inclusive* @kofo some things just shouldn't fall under the freedom of info act. @Olufunmike just be glad they've not started asking no. of sexual partners on those forms.

exschoolnerd said...

i totally feel this post.people be asking alot of irrelevant questions when applying for stuff nowadays..drives one mad!

about relationships i think some things are better not revealed..i shud know...i revealed sumthing and it cause one kain kata kata that wasnt needed.

YoyeBanks said...

When it comes to relationships, I think certain bits of information should be released before they become relevant. How you're gonna determine that is up to you though. Yeah, life's not fair.

In the case of all those nosy banks and the likes, I'm too pissed to say anything right now. I'll come back once I'm no longer pissed.....so let's just hope I stop being pissed. Now that's Too Much Irrelevant Information....I'm out.

Jojo said...

@Yoye lol. I feel you seriously on the bank issue it's far too intrusive. I might expect the interrogation for life insurance but most definitely not to open a saving account. On the relationship end that can be a problem. Sometimes it doesn't start as a serious matter and it's pretty much on a 'need to know' basis, then suddenly the switch flips and you're talkin bouquets and ashebi colors. What then? I'll pause here cos my comment's turnin to a note in its own right. :-) Anyway hope you've calmed down now?

Jojo said...

@exschoolnerd my dear i concur with you 85 percent. As much as i feel some things shouldn't count, however life's fond of throwing curve balls at us and then it becomes an issue of conscience.

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