24 March 2009


I've always thought of myself as being environmentally friendly. I segregate waste when possible, use natural fibers where feasible. I try to cut my carbon emissions, most of my appliances that use refrigerants are CFC free, aerosols I use are CFC free etc. But recently I've come to believe I'm taking the recycling issue a little too far!
Not only am I recycling actually waste, I've started recycling on a more personal level.

It seems I have a habit of recycling relationships. Now recycling garbage is one thing, recycling people is another ball game. Junk can be useful, but are recycled people any use? Don't get me wrong one man's trash is another man's treasure and all that, but didn't the relationship initially end for a reason?

Very rarely are the reasons for ending the relationship rectified, but one tries again all the same and repeats the same vicious cycle that killed the union the first time around. Maybe it's a case of the familiar...pretty much like a pair of worn-out but highly comfortable slippers you keep planning to toss. Or the ratty T-shirt that you just can't seem to relegate to the trash heap. And as they say... better the devil you know than the angel you don't, abi? But I think the time has come for me to finally throw out the trash.

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