19 March 2009

Falling in Lust

We all talk about love, Love, LOVE...like it's gonna go out of fashion or'll soon go extinct like the dodo or something. It seems everyone is: in the process of falling in love, is in love, has recently fallen in (or out of) love, in a love-hate relationship with love, or just all out of love. Love or lost love is in all the songs, is a recurring theme in movies and novels. There's always a love interest for the heroine or hero woven into the plot. We seem to be a generation pretty much in love with the big L. Selling Valentines Day paraphenalia is a multibillion dollar industry. Everyone loves love. Now whether we truly love or even understand what it really means and entails is open to discussion.
I ain't in a loving mood tonight. Hell no! Love is so...o last season. I'm falling in lust! (Or rather should I say have fallen in lust!). Yes o! People rarely admit being in lust. They try and justify their baser instincts by tagging it love eagerly saying 'I love you' rather than getting real and to the point and just saying 'I lust you'. Many a broken heart would still be whole if people (male and female) were honest enough about how they really feel and what they really want from the person they 'love'. Tell me the truth, boo! Do you really love me? Do you even really like me? Tell me boo...will you always be true? Or do you just dig my fly booty (pronounced boot-ey)? I'd rather sleep with someone knowing it was just for the sex than have a guy try and deceive me with words of love, waxing lyrically about how he sees the stars in my eyes and how roses dim in beauty when placed next to me (what men will say to get some ass!). That way I don't end up feeling used and deceived when he suddenly falls out of 'love' with me and my sparkling eyes! Anyway as for me o... I'm happily in lust (don't ask me with whom!...ok...you made me say it..his name IS...like I'm gonna tell YOU!). I'm hooked on the thrill of sex for its own sake, on not having to discuss the future or direction of our 'relationship', of not having to feel bad for thinking is jokes are lame, of not sayin wtf when he hooks up with another hottie...cos truly (for now anyway) I don't give a shit! Lust is very liberating and noncommittal. A little lust makes life a little bit more interesting especially when no one gets hurt. Tweet It...You know you wanna


Sergio Guerra said...

I think you can be in an intense loving long-term committed relationship with someone you fell madly in lust with...

Jojo said...

@Sergio Guerra apologies for the late response just blame it on the useless internet service providers. :-( I know it is very possible for lusting to convert to loving...all well and good, alas in most cases it simply dies out like a candle in the wind. I'm all for love but don't you just LOVE lust. LOL! Thanks for dropping by and thanks for the comment

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