24 March 2009

Sex and the Top 5

I'm a very sporadic writer. I write when the fancy takes me or when an event occurs that stirs my pen, but more oft than not i write for the sake of it. Today is for the second reason. Two events stimulated my juices. One was a status update (thank you Andre for motivating me) and the other a call from an old flame. Both issues connect to my note on recycling.
Now Andre asked if great sex could keep a woman in a relationship. Various responses came in (and i'm sure many more are yet to come) mainly from the guys. Some of the replies were humorous, some serious and some eye opening! Now this is strictly my own view on the matter. I have stayed with a man longer than I should just because the sex was great, but eventually the sex no matter how good (even in the best of relationships) gets a little old. And truely if it ain't happening elsewhere in the relationship eventually I bounce. However I have occasionally recycled men cos the sex was so good, or cos i was just used to him like well-worn comfortable T-shirt (the comfort of the familiar) but the old headaches eventually resurface. Women are far more complex than "plain old" shagging. A woman's needs are far greater than sex. She wants a friend (companionship), a daddy (emotional and financial security) and then a lover (sex). Contrary to popular lore sex doesn't breed commitment. But as I said I speak for myself.
My old flame meanwhile had the balls to wanna hook up with me in his words "let's hang out tonight". No biggie you might say, but he happens to be married (to the woman he left me for). Now he wants to recycle me!
Guess he thought I be flattered that even though I never made it to the top 5 countdown for madam post, I made No. 1 on the recycled nookie\mistress list. Well I assume that that was his line of reasoning. Or did he think I was still so hung up on him that I'd gladly jump on the bandwagon. I'm not even going to go into the morality issue surrounding extra-marital gaming (the number of married men playin away is not encouraging at all), but instead wonder if I did something while we were an item that gave the impression that I'd be impressed by the attention. Now I can't remember if the sex was all that, but even if it was doesn't self respect come into the mix on my part?
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