24 March 2009

Forbidden Pleasures

DISCLAIMER: The author of this note is slightly psychotic. Anyone who takes this note too seriously has only themselves to blame.

Have you ever wondered why stolen food always tastes better? The things you really shouldn't do are the things you crave the most. Good habits die without resistance but bad ones need deliverance services to exorsize. 1001 cliches exist to describe the lure of the forbidden. What is it about us that makes contraband seem so desirable. I guess it's because of the thrill that comes with unacceptable behaviour, the feeling of power that comes from getting away with that that you shouldn't really be doing. It's an addictive feeling, a certain highness and like a drug you need a fix every so often to renew that feeling.

My question however is slightly deviant. Who dictates what is forbidden? What is hallal, what is haram? I was listenin to a radio program this weekend and the topic was morals and values. The guest speaker danced around the topic for the near hour long duration of the show but at no time could define morality.
Defining morality causes it's own set of moral dilemma. Imposition of one's moral codec becomes an infringement of another's inalienable right to moral freedoms.
How does this relate to the topic at hand...forbidden pleasures...well morality or ethical norms determine what's forbidden abi? So it's a question of ethical values. It can not be forbidden if my value system allows! I believe most cases of psychosis arise from conflicts between an individual's set of values and that of the larger society. When the individual struggles to justify his values and society's and the divergence exists, the struggle to comply causes madness! That's just me talking.

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