24 March 2009

It's the Way You Are...!

As we enter the month of love I decided to do something a little different as I might not be able to post this come Valentine's.

It's the way desire lights in your eyes when you catch my eye across the crowded room.
It's the gentle touch of your hand on my shoulder, the careless brush of your hand against mine.
It's the scent of you...so uniquely yours, that makes me weak to my knees.
It's the feel of your hair...rough against my finger tips!
It's the warmth of your breath against my neck as we dance to music no one else can hear.
It's the promise you whisper as our bodies sway,
the words of intent you say.
It's the way we rush through the door desperate to be unchained from civil bonds,
the clothes that stifle our inner flames.
It's the feel of your hands sliding down my naked back.
It's the feel of your tongue, so cool and moist, grazing my navel, to rest upon my thigh.
It's the hunger with which you kiss me, me...the bitter sweet taste on your lips!
It's the salty taste of you upon my tongue.
It's the feel of your skin slick, gliding against mine like the softest of silk.
It's the way you light a fire in me, making me blaze, burnin as with fever.
It's the way you speak my name, in my ear ever so softly, like a benediction and prayer.
It's the passion and the tenderness,
the fire and the ice,
the heat and the cold,
the blatant sexuality and the latent sensuality,
the pain and the pleasure,
the danger in your kiss and the safety in your arms,
the hurricane and the eye of the storm,
it's all the contradictions that you are!
It's the way you free me from myself, in turn to captivate me with your particular brand voodoo.
It's the moment we implode, then explode; of your end, of my beginning, left no trace, locked in the most primal of embrace.
It's the way you hold me all night long, till alas comes the morning.
It's the way you be you when you're with me!
It's everything, it's nothing.
It's really just YOU!

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