24 March 2009

I Hate Christmas!!!

"...My people perish for lack of knowledge."

Seriously...i hate Christmas! Don't get me wrong i love God, and am mad about Jesus, but this thing called Christmas i don't get.
My reasonin is quite simple...who...someone please tell me with historical and scriptural references...told anyone Jesus came into this world December 25th? How many of you actually know the historical origin of 25 December? Or are aware that in most pagan religions (that originated before christianity) the day is set aside for the worship of the Sun deity's birth or the start of the Winter solstice? Orisis in ancient Egyptian worship was born that very day. History itself tells us of the early church's assimilation of old religion practices during the propogation of the religion.
That aside the purported reason behind the season has been overrun by commercialism and materiality. How many parents didn't buy presents for their children, but instead taught them about sacrifice, dedication and love as Jesus lived his life...seeing as Jesus is the reason behind the season?
If you like call me the Grinch's sister i gree! But i don't do Christmas!

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