24 March 2009

(Re)writing History...

How often have you told your story? Each year you tell the same story...or a variant of the same story. The essence is fundamentally the same, but an amount of embellishment is present. In the tellin of your story this time around you were maybe a little braver, a little smart? You were the master of the witty retort, the pure poetry of your rejoinder rivalled the greats...Shakespeare, Milton and Yeats. You stood up and were counted. You were the voice of reason and rationale. The buck stopped with you and like a colossal you took charge.
As a wise man said history is the victor's PR, the loser's version of history is seldom heard. Tracy Chapman aptly stated in her song Telling Stories "...there is fiction in the space between...you can write it down but it doesn't mean that you're not just telling stories. " But as she also states "sometimes a lie is the best thing" as the truth would be too much truth to bear. Alas, it is only in our words we rewrite the past, the deeds remain unchanged. Since we cannot truly change the past, and the future is not ours to know, the only history worth writing is the action we take in the present.
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