24 March 2009

Spread the Message

This was initially a message sent when invitin my friends to join me in an HIV awareness cause, but i thought it served its purpose better here for any and everyone to read, (its been a tad revised)

All too often we stick our heads in the sand and do an ostrich imitation, trying to hide from the things we fear the most and don't understand. HIV and AIDS are real, just because you might not have seen death from Aids related complications doesn't mean it ain't real and can't affect you or those dear to you someday (sex isn't the only way to get the virus). Pretending it doesn't exist won't make it go away either.
You might wonder how you can help stop the spread...simple.
1. Know your status: If you are positive, stop unprotected sex even if your partner is equally positive, tell your partner(s) past and present to go check, and do go for counselling.
2. Educate don't discriminate: Stigmatization is the result of illiteracy, know the facts not the fiction about HIV.
3. Do your ABCs: Abstain, Be faithful (or if A and B fail always ensure...) Correct and consistent condom use; and most importantly
4. Spread the message not the virus.
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