24 March 2009

Don't Stop the Music!!

I'm in a very 'chatty' mood at the moment ... I seem to be spewing out notes on a daily basis as against the one in two months I was doing a while back! Maybe it's because people on fb keep giving me lots of fodder to work with. And also i'm listening to the radio again.
The radio is a great source of inspiration, firstly care the music and then the human interest pieces. I'm one of those people that forgo the beat and actually listen to the words...don't get me wrong booty shaking beats are great, but I pay close attention to the lyrics. I could write 50 notes after just an hour of listening to the radio. The DJs are givin me plenty of motivation.
But seriously ... have you noticed that more than half the songs played nowadays are about all about sex, love and relationships? It seems I'm not the only one with a bee in my bonnet regarding l. s. & m! Some of the greatest songs ever written have been written about love. Sex is the 'in' thing. Everyone's talking sex, even our Nigerian artistes have joined the booty train, tellin us all to "wind am well", "scatter my dada" or cure their craze! :-)
I was recently asked me why most of my notes (actually it's only 40%) seem to be about relationships. My reply was simple...you write what you know. Relationships are all around us, it's next door, in your own life, on the tv, on the radio, in the papers, and even in the churches with their singles mixers, conferences for the 'single and searching', and couples' counselling.
Now ... if ribonucleic acids were my flavour i'd be waxing lyrical on the beauty of RNA, DNA and genetic splicing, but of that I know little better than nothing. I'm no relationship guru, by ANY standard, I muddle along blindfolded like most folk, making the rules up as I go along, but I find everything about relationships fascinating. It's so basic but ever so complex...pretty much like DNA. I could do social commentary or political analysis but that's no fun!
So pardon me my fascination with love, sex and relationships!

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