19 March 2009

My 25 Things

Sorry o! I'm mobile so the cut and paste issue's a pain. U know the gist sha...write 25 things about you that ain't too well known then tag 25 of ur friends including the person who sent you the note to begin with.

1. I enjoy living by myself because i get to walk around the house naked and not feel self-conscious about my flabby thighs.

2. I have an underwear fetish and keep hearing the mantra...buy, buy, buy even though I'm yet to wear 1/10 of what I have.

3. I like writing for the fun of it.

4. I hate when people get shocked when I say something sensible. Sure I might be cute and paint my nails green but I do know the difference between integration and differentiation.

5. I believe that like wine I get better with age.

6. I believe that sometimes you have to be a follower, not every one can lead at the same time.

7. I hate watching movies with people who keep asking "so what's happening now?" when we're both watchin the movie for the first time... I didn't write the script!

8. I really like the p. y. t.s I see in the fashion magazines but i'm not quite vain enough to try very hard to look like them.

9. I AM vain enough to care about what I look like...enough to contemplate joinin a gym.

10. I feel like i'm underachieving 75% of the time.

11. I'm painfully shy, but cover it with displays of bravado.

12. I think men are a necessary evil 10% of the time...5% of the time I wonder why we need them...85% of the time I just love em, love em, love em!(maybe).

13. I have a tendency to procastinate.

14. I am my own worst critic.

15. I concur with theo and think Sean Connery is very sexy! Entrapment...yes please!!

16. I have a mild case of OCD.

17. I like my own company a bit too much.

18. I've been learnin french for 20yrs + and still can't say anything tangible.

19. I think geek chic/nerdy is sexy.

20. My criteria for a good book (and man :-)): action packed, fast paced, intelligent, juicy and humorous.

21. I met Daley Thompson and Sir. Sebastian Coe (olympic champs) and had the privilige of learning tricks of the trade from them.

22. My mother is my role model, if i ever get to be even 50% of what she is i'd be a goddess!

23. I have a slightly sadistic streak and believe revenge is like eating great cake...to be savoured slowly and deliberately.

24. I have a very dodgy attention span. If it's not challenging or relatively spontaneous my eyes start glazing over zombie-like

25. I sometimes take my friends for granted but i love them all dearly and will go the extra mile to help a friend in need. Tweet It...You know you wanna


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