24 March 2009

I Be Ashewo*!!!

Please permit me a few moments of your precious time while I ramble on with inane topics. I know my words may be shallow and dense, lacking in substance and not worthy of more than a passing glance...but they are my words.
The topic of today is very simple, prostitution. Prostitution is one of the oldest professions in the history of mankind. It's even noted in the Bible. Many may argue it's not the most honorable line of work but i wish to disagree. Every woman is a prostitute (ok some exceptions to this exist)!
Hold up...before you bring out the stones and daggers...let me speak! What is prostitution? Prostitution is the exchange of sex for another commodity (usually money) i.e. prostitution is trade by barter. We do it everyday, we exchange sex for something. Why do you have sex with your boyfriend, lover or husband? Not cos you want to half the time. We exchange sex to breed commitment (or the illusion thereof), to maintain commitment, for security, we use sex as a bargaining chip, trading it for what we want.
Single ladies give men sex even if they have doubts about the sustainability of the relationship cos more often than not we believe he'll get it elsewhere if we don't give it up. Or under the false hope that sex will make a man stay, we give. (Please note: if you don't meet up outside the bedroom he'll still waka, and sorry o...sex does NOT assure fidelity or commitment).
Single ladies...stay in a relationship and tell the guy you're not having sex with him anymore and see what happens! If he's still there (as loving as ever) 6 months from now, hold him tight! Even virginity is at times used as a weapon and a commodity. Keeping sex off the table till marriage can be compared to a marketing tool. If I make a product so scarce, I increase the demand for it among purveyors of that particular product. Don't get me wrong, virginity IS good! It is an honorable state and I sincerely advice my daughters to remain virgins till they marry.
Just because money doesn't change hands and the fact it isn't negotiated for on street corners doesn't mean it's not prostitution. Marriage has been defined by some as legalised prostitution, after all it is licenced. In Holland where ashewo is legal you can be sued by a commercial sex worker for not fulfilling your obligations as a client, in marriage the same applies, abi? Now, if you... my fellow women (and some men) say "haba...na lie" answer me this...why do you continue to sleep with the man you're with?
Me, sha...I gree say I be ashewo!
PS: Responses are welcome!

*Ashewo: Local parlance for a prostitute.

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