19 March 2009

The Younger Man???

I'm currently trying to picture myself as the 'older woman' i.e. sugar mummy. :-) Got your attention there didn't I? The thing is I'm not "old" old, and not the typical age one would usually associate with sugar mummies, but i am beginning to thinking about spreading my net, broadening my horizons and reevaluating my relationship options, and this includes younger men.
It is a bit much for me to get my head around! My kid brother (who absolutely hates when I call him that) is roughly 3 1/2 years younger than I, so any guy his age or younger kinda feels like I'm cradle robbing. But more and more guys in that age bracket seem to be coming my way (maybe it's a testimony of how much younger than my age I look...but I don't think so). Now when good 'single' men (single being the key word) in my age bracket are becoming few and far between, and the ones you do meet don't really want to settle down yet and you are not getting any younger yourself, are younger men the next frontier? And how young is too young? What age difference is too great? 1 year? 5years? 10? (Now that's a little too young for my blood personally...but who knows maybe by the time I get to 40 that might not be such a huge gap!).
Another factor that mitigates against the older woman, younger man relationship is cultural. It's almost engraved in stone like the 10 commandments here, thou shall not date a younger man. Men can date 18 year olds even when they're 60 (blood tonic), women dating guys even 2years their junior raises many an eyebrow. The words desperate, tokunbo and cradle robber get bandied about, and snide comments and funny looks become the order of the day. The young man gets questioned by his friends relentlessly about how much settlement he's getting for servicing the old bird, and asked if he didn't see all the PYTs all over the town. She gets asked if she couldn't find a man her own age, and that why doesn't she leave small boys alone. Let's not even get into the issue of family members! Or if people really want to be spiteful, they ask ..."Is this your son?"
Now I'm not saying I will date a younger man (although there is this cute, insanely sexy, fantasy inducing, "my age - 5" guy who could make me change my mind. It's thisclose! ;-)) but I don't want my happiness tarnished, belittled, tainted or in any way sullied just cos I'm f**king a younger man if I do decide to! Tweet It...You know you wanna


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