19 March 2009

Let's Talk About Sex!

"Let's talk about sex baby...let's talk about you and me...let's talk about all the good things and the bad things that may b...let's talk about sex!"
One of the most popular songs ever by Salt n Pepa (backed by Spindarella) is most likely Let's Talk About Sex, it was an anthem amongst teens (I knew every word of every single line) and it was a song of defiance. It dared to ask questions, and talk about what was then (and maybe even till date) a very controversial theme, I believe the song is still on the NCC NTBB list.
Even with all the westernisation and liberalisation issues of sex still are very taboo. Sex is everywhere but people still pretend like it isn't and pretend that they are immune to diseases and viruses transmitted through sex. When people are upfront about one of the most beautiful and fundamental activities in human life they get labelled.
As a human being, woman and mother I advocate talking about sex...i.e. Sex education. HIV and AIDS continue to ravish the world's population and especially Africa's because of our very laissez-faire attitude to sex and all things concerning it. Old diseases make triumphant returns far better equipped than their human incubators. Medication and scientific discovery are not advancing as quickly as viruses mutate. Something needs to be done before we get wiped off the face of the earth care our sex drives,
Now as a woman I advocate sex education because we are the major victims of sexually transmitted infections, sexual abuses and violence. Did you know that a woman has a five times higher risk of contracting HIV from her partner than he from her, just by virtue of her anatomic design? Women are also more likely to harbour an sti in their systems without symptoms (resulting in PID and or infertility) while their male counterparts usual get a heads up within 2 weeks of infection. Several times women have been infected by partners who on discovering their infection treat themselves without informing their partner so that they can get treatment too. Also intercourse with an uncircumcised partner increases by almost 50% one's chances of getting HPV the major trigger for cervical cancer.
My people tend to be very hypocritical and judgemental about sex, we're all doing it, whether we admit to it...well that's a whole different story. Buying a condom requires the ability to play poker (ability to maintain a poker face) when walkin into a pharmacy. The glares and stares make one ask the ground to open especially as a woman. But should i have unprotected sex just so you don't look at me as a slut and play Russian roulette with HIV, AIDS, syphilis and unwanted pregnancy?
Women also bear the brunt of sex gone wrong...unwanted pregnancies, botched abortions, death and social stigmatisation. Even if the guy doesn't deny paternity the stigma is purely the woman's.
More cases of teen pregnancy are reported annually with girls as young as 13 getting knocked up, still falling for that old line about not gettin pregnant the first time. Pedophiles pray on children unrelentingly, maids, nannies, teachers, uncles and aunts initiating babies into adulthood prematurely. As parents we need to educate our children on the realities of sex, reproductive health and the truths about love, sex and marriage and not allow society take over our role as teachers and moral compasses in our children's lives through tv, music videos, pop icons and peer groups. We should give them facts not fiction and swallow our discomfort about talkin sex cos if we don't someone else will. Tweet It...You know you wanna


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