24 March 2009

If I Were A Boy (DJ JD Remix)!

Before I go any further let me give props to my girls Peace Ebri and Beyonce for this title and starting point!

Now onward... If I were a boy would I truly be a better man? Would I have any recollection of life as a woman and show any empathy to the woman in my life? Would I listen to what she had to say? Not just hear but listen. Would I accept the fact that she doesn't have a fish brain and sometimes speaks sense? Would I value her and not take her for granted? Would I not make jest of the fact she's more in tune emotionally than I thus appearing to be a tad over sensitive? Would I say it as it is with no bullshit involved, not leading her on if I didn't really want a relationship and only wanted to "tap that ass"?

But this I know for sure: I'd hang out drinking with the boys (I do that already, so no biggie), I'd check out the honeys (I mean God made beauty so why not appreciate it?). I'd bounce out the house in a pair of raggedy ass jeans and a dirty T and not give a hoot (ok...even as I chick I've been guilty of that, but in my defence 'I bin dey for area'), I'd have a pot belly and still demand abs like Jess Alba's from my babe (signs of la dolce vite {the good life} pour Moi but plain laziness in her...5 kids not a factor). I'd go out all night and feel that I didn't have to justify myself when I get home (I work all day so if I party all night and never spend time with my chick why she go vex...after all I pay the bills!?). I'd act like God made the world just for me and everyone else should be grateful I even give em the time of day. I'd do all sorts of s**t that chicks can't do cos it's slutty but for a guy it's called sowing my wild oats. I'd play the field (10 girlfriends, 5 wives and 100 mistresses) and if any of them complained I'd remind them it's a man's world (but God save them if any of them tried the same). I'd take it that it's my God-given right to screw up, cat around and then be forgiven (Hell...she should be grateful I even apologised to begin with... now she's just being stubborn!).
Well there it is...that's what I'd do... 'If I Were A Boy'!

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